Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We are home!!

After more than 35 hours of travel- we finally pulled into the driveway. I don't know how Mike drove those last two hours- I would have driven us off the road. We all clapped when we pulled up to the house, so Gavin would know the trip is done (all of the Ethiopians did this every time a plane would reach it's destination, so we thought it might help here). He was thrilled. My sister and family left a care package for him here that was perfect- he loved the cars instantly. Thanks Murrays! Also, Dan made his bed for us and put up his welcome home sign--thank you so much. He understood us when we said, "Gavin's bed."
The funniest reaction though, was to our dogs, as he was very excited to see them THROUGH THE GLASS, even licking it back at them. Hopefully, tomorrow, he'll want to meet them up close.

A few thoughts on the trip..the kids all did so well, no complaining, even though it was beyond exhausting. Layne spiked a fever on the last leg, so I'm sleeping with her to watch her tonight..prayers are appreciated--she was such a trooper all week, a true joy to be around.

Imagine yourself living most of your life in a remote mountain village,with probably no electricity. Then imagine flying around the world, experiencing escalators, moving walk-ways, the lights of Chicago O'Hare, thousands of people and flying in a plane. Our little guy handled all of that with many, many giggles. He was delighted in all new things, especially seeing the sights in a window seat from Washington to Chicago.
Gavin is repeating anything we say, unless it starts with an F sound, but tries really hard to say even those words. He knows about 10-15 words already and is fun to watch scour magazines, pointing to things to ask how do you say that?

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are dead tired, but thrilled.

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  1. I am SO happy to hear you are home safely with Gavin...I love hearing how he takes in his new world. I can't even imagine!