Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sorry it's been so long

My good friend Kristi reminded me that I haven't blogged in a while. I apologize- On Thursday Mike and I celebrated our 15th anniversary!! We also attended the most beautiful service to remember Ana Olson, hearing Pastor Tony declare that we are all adopted by God- Ana was also adopted into the Olson Family, where she came to know Jesus as her Savior. It really was the most beautiful memorial service ever and a testimony to her sweet spirit and love for her family.
Friday was ROUGH- just being really honest. Gavin needed to have some blood work done to give us some sort of baseline for his diet and to verify the labwork done in Ethiopia (It all showed he was very healthy in Ethiopia). It was very traumatic for him, as he didn't understand why we were doing it. We had to go twice, with a little help from Valium the second time. Dr. Bowers earned her doctor's badge again, drawing blood on a most unhappy Sweeney and her nurses were incredible. Hopefully we won't have to do many more of that type of visit. For families in the future- I would recommend finding out how your child responds to needles, before heading into the physician when you get home. It might save you several hours of screaming.

We learned that Benchi is a tonal language with 6 levels of tones- I think we may have heard them all. Thankfully, though, the incident gave him an opportunity to finally grieve some of the changes he's gone through, something he hasn't done up until now and really needed to.
Mike was awesome, getting down on the floor with him to console him. He definintely is Gavin's favorite person, a true Dad of all Dads on this Father's Day. I hope he knows how very much we all love him as he heads off to Pinedale to work again this week!!
All was forgiven, though after a nap, which is when we captured a video of my boy dancing to "I Like to Move it Move It". He really can move it--cracking us all up with his antics. He's been super happy the rest of the weekend, when we're at home, playing, laughing and dancing. He did well at church this morning, but did get a little overwhelmed in the crowd--again, Daddy saved the day and went to Childrens Church with him.
Overall, he's adjusting far better than we ever dreamed and is attaching to the entire Sweeney family. He's very affectionate to all of us, especially right before he falls asleep. Here's a picture of him having a snack while watching Janika gut Elli's fish--our fishing made us think of our new friend Billy Foote and our desire to get them out here for some Wyoming fishing!


  1. Thank you for this post. We miss you guys! It's good to catch up through the blog.

  2. We love us some Sweeneys!!! Hope all is well. Missing you guys. Feels like we knew you for longer than just a week!!!

    Keep those updates coming. :)