Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gotcha Day!

We finally have Gavin with us for good now.  He is a great kid and is fitting in with the Sweeney Clan splendidly.  He is loving soccer and matchbox cars and cannot get enough to eat.  I think he eats more than Kael…


The afternoon at the transition home was pretty memorable.  When Ellison got off the bus, Gavin ran to her arms.  Praise God!  We ended up playing for the rest of the afternoon with all the other kids at the home.  It was great until we had to leave.  In just a short time, Elli had forged a bond with an older girl at the home that was hard to see broken.  We pray that her family comes soon.  Gavin’s best buddy from his village was also there; what a delightful little boy.  This little boy cried and cried when we left; please pray that he finds a home soon! 


I kind of looked at this adoption as a way to help a disadvantaged child, but I am again reminded that WE are blessed by doing God’s will in loving others.  Gavin has already immensely blessed our family more than I ever expected.—Mike


Stacy here-  To the families that asked us to take pictures of your beautiful children..thank you.  We enjoyed our time with them immensely.  We didn’t have much time at picture taking time but then were able to play with  them later.  I will get try to get the pictures downloaded soon and sent to you as soon as we have some more time and power- we’re running on a generator here.  Just know that each child is truly a treasure.

Things went very quickly when we took pictures- I wish we could have taken more later, during play time.  I’m pretty sure I have the correct names associated here- I don’t have the pictures in front of me right now to coordinate with names.  Please forgive me if they’re reversed.


Hamiltons:  Your 3 are so sweet.  The big boys are kind and gentle and have beautiful smiles.  They were delighted with your care packages and were so cute with their reactions- we got one very cute excited smile on camera.  Your baby is also beautiful.  You can tell the three are very close to each other. 


Pace Family:  Your little boy is a hoot!  He was very shy when we first met him, but then when we started playing, he was so very funny.  He loves playing with balls and really loved my husband.  


Pickard:  Your baby is also so beautiful and looked very healthy.  The nanny is very attached to her, and they share the same name.  I think we got some really good pictures for you.


Gagnon family:  You little G** was very shy with us until we gave her  a fruit leather—you might want to bring some when you come, she really liked it.  She did warm up to us and will be a delight to you when you are able to bring her home.  I also think we got some good pictures for you.


Again- we are thrilled as a family..and want to encourage all of you to consider adopting some of these amazing children.  The way they have all settled in this first day proves how very much all children need a Mom and a Dad…



  1. Thank you Sweeneys, I am happy to here your trip is going good.Thank you for the time you spent with G***.Blessings, The Gagnons

  2. Thank you Sweeneys, I am so happy to here your trip is going good. Gavin is really handsome!Thanks for the update on our little G***.
    Blessings, The Gagnons