Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweetest words ever

Yesterday was a long but good day.  We passed our Embassy appointment, as did the other families who went with us.  Three families are going today.  We confirmed our flights home--yes, we are heading home tomorrow night.  Hopefully, Gavin's bed is in his room when he gets there (we believe in you Carroll's Furniture).  He LOVES to pretend that he's asleep, in his bed, pullls the covers over his head and then we say, "Where is Gavin Dawit?"  We then take the covers down, touch him and he cracks up..his smile and laugh are infectious.
This morning, when he was in the shower, he called Kael's name really loudly.  We were all so excited to hear him talk that we then made a game of it--all running to the other room and waiting for him to call our names to run in and give him a hug.  He can say all but Janika and Layne.  Hearing him say "Mommy"  was just as sweet as it was when all my other kids said it for the first time.
Gavin's favorite person is definitely Mike.   He lights up when he sees him and runs to him with open arms throughout the day. 
Today is the orphanage visit day.  We don't want to take Gavin to the orphanages, so he doesn't think we're taking him back.  Mike will take Elli, Janika and Kael to one this morning and then I will go with them to the orphanage that Gavin spent a short time at this afternoon.  I'm hoping we can find out a little bit about his history, while we're there.  Also, we found out that several of the kids in our group are from the same area and went to the orphanage at the same time.  We are excited that these kiddos can keep in touch with each other.
Thank you all for your prayers.  We have felt them!!  We are all healthy- we are eating most of our meals here at the Guest house, which has a wonderful cook, who is very careful with how he cooks things- he's quite funny too, assuring me that he only uses tap water for the juice he makes (he must know we are so paranoid about tap water here--he really only uses bottled water).
For the next travel group- the Guest house is wonderful- the food, the staff, but BRING EAR PLUGS, the neighbor's dog barked repeatedly ALL night long last night. 
Again, we are so blessed to have Gavin as a Sweeney- you will all love him...

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