Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Video from yesterday

Elli had a lot of fun yesterday putting Gavin on her laptop video. He thought it was hillarious and this morning when we were looking at them again, he cracked up. He has the same reaction to the webcams, when we were testing them and then when we chatted with Mike last night. Gavin absolutely loves to see himself, whether it is in the mirror, the digital camera or on video. We take technology for granted, but for someone who lived in a mud hut before, this truly is amazing and worth giggling at.

Last night was a fantastic night for this Mommy. After a little bit of tickling, Gavin crawled into my lap, curled up into a ball and stayed there for 1/2 hour. We rocked and I rubbed his back. I really didn't expect him to cuddle so soon, but cuddle he did and didn't want to stop. We then gave him his first bath- he's been taking showers up until now- another 1/2 hour of pure delight. He put his head under while prone and on his back, kicked his feet, let me wash his hair and NEVER stopped smiling. After lotion and teeth brushing- he climbed into bed and was out!! He has slept all night ever since we've had him. My boy is just SO VERY HAPPY!!

Today is his check-up with Dr. Bowers. He met her yesterday, because we had Layne in there for strep (she is much better today). We weighed him yesterday- 39 pounds! That's up 2 pounds from his referral weight. I'll be really glad to sit with Dr. Bowers and make a plan for him..he seems so healthy so we'll see what she thinks.

I've got to run...Have a blessed day! Travel Group we miss you and are anxious to hear how all of your beautiful kids are doing!!


  1. I LOVED the video! I got goosebumps watching it just knowing how blessed Gavin is to be a part of your family! =)

  2. Stacy-
    Dr Bowers mentioned meeting a young child from Ethiopia today when we went to see her... I knew it must be you guys and she shared your blog with me - hope that's alright! What a handsome fellow!!! I'm just beside myself with praise to God for what sounds like was a good, safe trip and the smiles and laughter you tell about... wow. Tears of joy and excitement for your family!!!
    Welcome to Sheridan, Gavin!