Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, June 29, 2009

Great weekend with family and attachment thoughts

This weekend was very busy on the family front. Gavin met Papa and Myrna Friday night. It was a great introduction- with him being very comfortable with Papa (the man) and warming up to Myrna very quickly. By the end of the night, he was joking with both of them.

Yesterday, after the girls sang at the Rock Stock, we drove up the mountain to meet the Mangus Crew--again, he was very comfortable with Curtis, Benjamin and Noah and then warmed up to Maria, Jacqueline and Bernadette. We're so blessed to have such supportive family who have welcomed Gavin with open arms and treated him just like he's always been with us. We can't wait for all of the other cousins to come to TP this summer!!!

On attachment- Gavin is doing so very well at home. He says more and more each day and is so joyful. When we're out in public, he becomes very withdrawn and leans into us for all he's worth. This is so good! It means he is attaching to us and seeks us for comfort. So, my wonderful friends, who have been so supportive through this process, please understand if he's not overly friendly with you right away, it is exactly the response we are hoping for! As he becomes more and more confident with being a member of our family, he will start being a little more outgoing. What we were hoping not to see, is indiscriminate affection. We are so thankful that he doesn't run up to just everyone he meets and want to be held! Since day one, he has wanted to only be with us. God's grace is covering this entire process. Thank you for being understanding.

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