Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health Update and random thoughts

We got Gavin's bloodwork results back and verified that he is healthy (barring a need for some more iron in his diet)! Dr. Bowers thinks his iron levels will correct on their own with his new American diet...He eats just about everything, except sour things and dairy products and lets us know quite quickly when he doesn't enjoy what's on his plate- the faces he can make!!

We spent most of the day yesterday up at the cabin. It was a terrific day! Gavin has now seen the horses twice, but isn't quite ready to want to pet one yet. He's met several nice TP folk, and still prefers MEN! Bill Rader was a huge hit- we'll have to visit his cabin regularly. Elli, Jani and Kael had a terrific fishing day- catching and releasing about 10 fish in about an hour's time. Gavin and Layne played in the sand, building and wrecking several sand castles--all in all a great Wyoming mountain day!

We were met with some very interesting questions/statements from a little girl who visited our cabin. She plainly stated, "You can't have 5 kids!" My reply was "Sure I can." She then asked things like, "What does he call you?" "MOM! I am his Mom!" The funniest comment though, came when she said, "Well you really only had 4 kids and adopted one." This really is funny, since Layne looks so much like us all. I think she was very suprised when we told her Layne was adopted too!

So- here are my random thoughts--I wish more people had at least 5 kids, especially if it meant removing some of the 143,000,000 from the ranks of orphan. I wish more people could see all of the faces that we saw in Ethiopia, street orphans who have to beg daily to get a bite to eat or a drink of water, the beautiful faces warehoused in orphanages, hoping someone will come to love them.
I wish more people would embrace the idea of family, no matter what it looks like.
I find it interesting when I hear people say, large families are "JUST WRONG" There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a child, whether it is biological or adopted, even if it means your family is larger than others. Every child wants the same things, whether it is in the U.S. or in Africa- they want a Mom and Dad to love them. They want to be fed and clothed and feel safe and they want to laugh and have fun! In my opinion there is something "JUST WRONG" when a child is not loved.

Finally, just because my son is from Africa, he doesn't understand "Hakuna Matata!" This is directed to the nice lady who stopped by as Gavin and Janika were riding bikes and Janika told her that he didn't speak English yet and was from Africa!! She said, I'm sure he'll understand what I just said to him!!! The funniest part of that is, Janika thinks she was serious!! I think that will definitely be in our top 10!!
Those are my thoughts.

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  1. We had a man ask us if we adopted Alex. I almost replied, no, he's just been out in the sun!