Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 pounds in just over a week!

We just put Gavin on the scale at Dr. Bower's office. He's gained 2 pounds since we got home! I think he's also growing height wise, but we'll measure that at a later visit.

We've had a busy few days- Slippin and Slidin in the backyard was so much fun! Yesterday, we went to Kendrick Pool and he went down the big slide twice with me-- I'm amazed everyday how resilient he is and open to adventure. I'm enjoying hearing, "Hey, Mom!" and then looking at whatever he wants to show me.

I just have to say, again, how great the other kids are doing. Layne is so kind, all day, even when the toy she has gets grabbed away. I need to spend a little more cuddle time with her this weekend, with Mike home. Elli, Janika and Kael are really enjoying Gavin and again, are so patient with him. Thank you, Lord for my family.

Have a great weekend! We get to meet Papa and Myrna today and then enjoy my big girls singing at a concert in the park tomorrow.

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