Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel soon!!!

Mike and I are thankful to say that our kids here are on the mend. We are so thankful that Bert is staying with them while we're gone. I can rest easy on the trip knowing she has years of medical background as a nurse, mom and grandma.

We both fly out Monday and will meet our kids on Weds. Unfortunately, we will only be able to see them for three days before we head home. Hopefully, though, the second trip will come quickly and they can all come home very soon.

I'm sad to say that I won't be here for Elli, Kael and Janika's birthday next Saturday. We will plan a celebration when we get home, but being away from them on their special day will be tough. They don't even seem to care, though, as they're so excited for us to keep moving towards bringing their brothers and sisters home. I would love it if they could get inundated with birthday wishes (hint, hint) on July 3!!
Our prayer requests for the next week:

1. Safe travel for both Mike and myself
2. Preparing our children's hearts to meet us on Weds.
3. The judge will pass our case the first time Friday, July 2.
4. Our kids at home will feel well loved and at peace while we're gone.
5. All of our kids will experience good health during these transition times.
6. This one is very personal- please pray that Mike and I will extend grace to those who make rude or unwarranted comments about our family. This is an area where I feel I need to be covered with prayer. We view children as a huge blessing, not a burden or a handful and it is hard sometimes to not respond in the flesh when comments are directed towards us.


  1. Incredible!!! So excited for your family!!! I will be praying for you and thinking of you both as you meet your newest family members - that is HUGE!!

  2. Praying for a glorious reunion! You guys are fabulous parents! GOD SPEED on this trip!

  3. Man, that enemy can be persistent in his efforts to halt God's will in our lives! Count on me for prayers for all of your children ~ those at home and those coming home soon! ~ as well as for you two! Very inspiring to see God work such beautiful things for your family! God will cover each and every one of you. I am sure of it! And will pray for it! :o)