Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, June 18, 2010

The results of good nutrition

Today was VERY fun. Layne and Gavin had a follow-up with our eye doctor in Sheridan. She ran retinal pictures of all of my kids last year and the difference between them all was so interesting. You could tell by Gavin's pictures, that his eye health was very poor. Further, he couldn't see much beyond 6 inches in front of his face. Well, this year, his long range vision has improved --HOORAY!- but more importantly, his eye health has improved. Dr. Bileyu pulled up both pictures side by side and was amazed that he has new tissue growth in his eyes. We've been supplementing all of our kids with fish oil this past year (for lots of reasons) and the results really are positive. Once we got past the fish burps, it's so easy to swallow those important pills every day. We also make sure that Gavin gets alot of essential fatty acids in his diet, since he most likely didn't get many at all for a long time (he wasn't allowed to have milk or eggs because he was too big - when there's a shortage of food, 37 pounds is too big). I am so thankful we are able to provide him what his body needs to grow and heal from years of malnutrition.

Layne's eyes look great too- but you can definitely tell she was a preemie by the nature of the blood vessels in her eyes. I'm thinking these scans would make the most intersting science fair project for my kids.

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