Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No court news yet

I've been asked several times if we know when we're traveling. Unfortunately, with the change in the Ethiopian court system requiring parents to come to court,there has been a major slow down. We're still hopeful that we can travel in the next month and pass court before the court closures that occur in August and September. We're still hopeful we can bring our kids home this fall, before school starts.

I'm sitting in our mountain cabin, with Layne and Gavin still sleeping. They had a wonderful day yesterday, each mastering casting their fishing poles. Sadly, no fish were interested, but they had a great time anyway. Gavin is a master rock climber and is so patient with Layne as she tries to follow him everywhere. I'm sure Kael, Janika and Kael are having a wonderful time at Camp Bethel. The weather on the mountain has been perfect- bright sunny skies and about 65-70 degrees. We are so blessed...Mike continues to grow our business back in Williston, working tirelessly so that we all can have these little adventures. I'm hoping he'll show up this weekend and enjoy some mountain time himself. In two days we will have been married 16 years!! Happy Anniversary if you're reading this Mike! I love you!!!

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  1. Happy 16 Anniversary!! Stop by if you have time. I know it's hard to see everyone when you're back. I have friends from MI coming Sat. at 4:00 for the evening, but that's about it.