Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My stateside kids..

Janika, Kael and Ellison will be 12 this next Saturday- I can't believe it! Their love for their new brothers and sisters amazes me- their generosity amazes me. This morning, we took Elli to Wal-mart. She has been saving money for a year for donations to orphans (all of the other kids donated a little too). This morning, she spent $175 on new shoes for Robel's street kids, so they might have good protection for their feet, as they go through life without a Mom and Dad. She also bought new shirts, jumpropes, underwear and socks. When we got home, all of my kids helped load them in tubs to take with us on Monday. They all had great joy on their faces, as they packed things for other kids--not thinking about themselves in the process.
I know that leaving them will be so tough, yet, they are all so helpful around the house and with Layne and Gavin, that my mind is at peace. I am so proud that these three kids are our kids. They have blessed us so much and taught us so much about love and generosity.

Happy early birthday Kael,Janika and Elli!! Your Daddy and I love you very much!

Layne and Gavin have been drawing pictures for their new brothers and sisters all week. It will be so fun to take the pictures to them and explain them to our kids in ET. These two little ones bring such joy to our lives, constantly smiling and laughing together. L and G- your Daddy and I love you very much too!! We can't wait for us all to be together soon!

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