Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miracle Track Meet

Yesterday, we went to Williston's annual youth track meet. It was so much fun! The meet was open to kids ages 2-12. Since Layne and Gavin spent most of this last winter watching their siblings play basketball, this was their turn for everyone else to watch them. Kael, Janika and Elli entered a couple of events too- and Kael really impressed us with his new stick to it attitude, running hard during every race, even when tired. He ran the 200, 400 and relay. Janika was in the softball throw (2nd) and a relay, while Elli ran a relay in sandals- she wasn't going to run and then found it all too inticing when the running actually started..

Now, back to Layne and Gavin...Gavin ran the 100 and 400 and LOVED the 400 the most. I think he could have easily run the mile, because he keeps a really good pace, not speeding up or slowing down, but steady the whole way around the track. He said many times how fun it is to run long distances- his smile showed it all.

Why do I call it a miracle track meet? Well, even as soon as a year ago, I wouldn't have dreamed that Layne would be running in a race, with BEAUTIFUL running form. When she was little and tried to run, her left side had a hard time keeping up with her right- not yesterday, she ran straight ahead, swinging both arms evenly--HOORAY!! The first run she did was the 50, and she got a little overwhelmed at the end, but insisted on running again- so she ran the 100 too. Mike told her that she would run faster if she smiled, so she ran the whole 100 with a big smile on her face--everyone around me kept saying, "She is so cute!" I got to catch her at the finish line for the 100. This Mama and her Daddy were soooo proud of our little girl..what a long way she's come in 5 years!!

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