Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meetcha Day one year later

Gavin with his Daddy today.

The first time we saw him smile- on his Daddy's shoulders one year ago.

Our son, one year ago...a little scared with everything that was happening.

One year ago today, we met Gavin for the first time. He can tell us now, how scared he was at the time, not knowing who we were, but just knowing that we were smiling and hugging him and kissing him. Gavin didn't speak Amharic, the language of the nannies and staff at AW, so as they told him his family was coming for him, he had NO CLUE what they were saying! I have often imagined the fear he lived through, from those first moments, until the days he started to understand what we were saying. Thankfully, he picked up English really fast, in less than 2 months. Thankfully, the fear has gone away. Thankfully, he realizes how much we love him. Thankfully, he loves us in return. God has been so gracious this past year and allowed us to feel like a family.

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  1. What beautiful memories. What a beautiful family. What a beautiful God.

    Privileged to have shared this journey with you all. Seems like we were together just today.

    Praying for your next journey ...