Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, May 28, 2010


We just received an update on all of the kids. Their smiles tell me that they know they have a family- they are just beautiful! We were allowed to ask 5 questions with regards to their personalities and development and learned a lot about their English abilities--we'll be spending a lot of time on English this fall!!! We also got tracings of their foot size which is priceless! A's foot is the same size as Layne's, Z's is the same size as Gavin's and the older two have feet about the same size as Elli and Janika. Mike and I will be able to buy them shoes to take with us--HUGE PRAISE- Shoes save lives in Ethiopia, as cuts on the feet and sores from poor fitting shoes can easily turn into infection and infections can be deadly. Also, parasites in the soil easily come up through a child's feet and wreak havoc in their bodies. Now, our kids will be safe from both of these possibilities.

We have a conference call next Tuesday to learn more about the new way the courts are handling things. Hopefully, we'll get a court date in late June, early July. We're so ready to bring them home!

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