Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My kids got up early this morning to make me some delicious wheat free pancakes, clean up the house and work on laundry! They've all been working diligently on Mother's Day cards all week and yesterday, Kael said to me, "You know how some kids don't like to hang out with their parents? I don't understand that because I think you're pretty cool, Mom."

I can remember feeling that way about my Mom. It's been almost 6 years since she went to be with Jesus. It's been six years of missing her, but also 6 years of being SO THANKFUL that my Mom was Jeri Belle.

When one of my kids is sick, like Layne has been this week, I remember all of the times I was sick, when I was little and how compassionately my Mom cared for me. She was also my advocate- making sure I got the best medical care possible, in our small Wyoming town, and sometimes taking me outside our small town if needed.

My Mom was a great teacher- she was ever so patient..even during long hours of ripping out seams on 4-H sewing projects, practicing demonstrations, running me to sports practices and teaching me how to appreciate the beauty in the mountains around us. She loved new life and would take us for a drive every spring to see all the new babies and flowers blooming.

My Mom offered the most incredible support when our triplets were born, staying with me for the 4 months of bedrest. She would lovingly help me dress each morning, not making eye contact, as she knew I was mortified to have to have help getting clothes up over my enormous baby filled belly. She came back after the babies were born and tirelessly got up every 3 hours to help feed them, burp them and put them back to bed. She never complained, even though her body ached with rheumatoid arthritis and she stuggled to breathe most days.

My Mom was BOLD- I found a book of memories she had been keeping and she talked about riding BULLS in high school. I knew she had rodeoed, but had no idea she rode BULLS--WOW-- pretty cool, Mom. My Mom loved to fish, not by herself but with other people. I think she saw how much personal time this afforded her with the lucky fishing buddy (lesson learned; take those quiet moments with your kids whenever possible).

My Mom loved my kids and they loved her. She always stopped by just to spend time with them, read to them or just give a smile. She set the bar pretty high for me to follow..

I am so thankful for the Mom I had. I am so thankful that three of my kids got to have her as a grandma.. I love being a Mom- it is truly the best job I could have and I'm so excited to be the Mom of 9! At the same time, my heart breaks for mothers around the world, who are unable to care for their children, or for children who have lost their mothers. It was tough enough in my 30's, when I was married and had my own family. I can't imagine if I were a child, my father had also died and I was now in charge of my younger siblings, or if my parents died, and I was being raised by family who really couldn't affored to feed me in addition to their children.
(These are some pretty common scenarios in many, many countries)

On this Mother's Day, my prayer is that more children will gain mothers, mothers like mine, who made me feel loved all the time, mothers who will go to the ends of the earth for their child, mothers who will step out in faith to say to a child, "You are worth it."

Do you have a great Mom? If so, you can be a great Mom to a child who is motherless... We would love to hear stories about your Moms. Leave us some comments!

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