Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, December 17, 2010

That 4 month mark

In each of our adoptions, the four month mark has been huge. It seems that at 4 months home, the kids understand most of what is said to them and they are making huge strides in their spoken English. I think it's about 4 months home that they start to feel like they really are in their forever family and start trusting enough to share their stories. Sometimes these stories are funny, but for our kids, the stories revealed at the 4 month mark break our hearts. We watched Gavin come alive at 4 months home, sharing, drawing pictures about his former life and often acting things out. Now, we're watching as our newest kids share their stories. There isn't as much acting out as there is just raw emotion. These stories are their stories, so they won't be shared here, but I know there are millions of children out there still living what our kids have been through. It is heartbreaking, it is HARD and yet it brings us all closer together. The Mama Bear comes out a little as I know of instances where they've been mistreated and it makes me want to ACT. Right now, the way we can ACT is to advocate for more children to find safe, loving homes. We are praying diligently for more families to open themselves up to the miracle of adoption. I honestly think it's a miracle, not just for the children, but for the families who welcome them in.

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  1. mom,
    I love you! you are such an amazing mom.
    Keep on the great work!