Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Wish

Boy, are we ever in full swing of Christmas here- even with buying only a few gifts for the kids, a few gifts x 9 kids is a lot of gifts!! More on this in a minute...

This morning, I had to compete with Micah and Kael to run on my treadmill --it is so nice to see them working out together and getting along so well. We have seen an amazing transformation in the last few weeks.. We are definitely a family. Our kids get along just like they've been together their whole lives. My boys all have a blast together. My two littlest girls are becoming fast friends, and spend all day together, laughing and playing. They are constantly holding hands and wearing matching clothes. E, J, and Leah spend so much time together and LOVE each other.. and yet..the ones left behind are constantly on our hearts, especially as we see what love can do for a child..

So, our family's Christmas wish is for other kids to have a home, especially one young man and his little sister, who still reside at Kids Care Orphanage. Can you all join us in praying for this boy and his little sister? He is Micah's best friend and I know that no other material present would mean more to my son than to know that his friend has a family..he's almost too old to stay at the orphanage --which means he could end up on the street - NOT ON OUR WATCH--

We have comitted to praying for them daily and hope you all will join us too. I know that God answers prayers... By the way, this young boy has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!!!!

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