Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun weekend

Janika and I returned from San Diego last night at 3:30 a.m, after many, many delays and one missed flight. It was her thank you weekend- to thank her for all of her help during our two trips to Ethiopia this summer. She really wanted to travel with me to ET, but the tickets were so expensive and she knew her Daddy needed her here to help cook (she's an incredible cook). SO, about 3 weeks ago, Mike decided that Janika needed to take a trip as a thank you and for the two of us to spend some one on one time--I am so very thankful. It was a blast, even with the travel nightmare getting home.

Late Friday night, Janika got to meet Janika, the young lady she was named after.. We thought we were having two boys and a girl but after they were born, we learned that we had two girls and a boy. Mike came in to tell me the news and tell me how beautiful they all were. I asked him, "Did you name her?" He replied, "Yes, Janika Rae, is that ok?" You see, the other Janika was the daughter of a dear friend and Mike and I got to spend some fun times with she and her sister before we had our kids. She even took me for her third grade show and tell, "this is my friend Stacy, she has THREE babies growing in her tummy." That third grade class got quite the show, seeing my sweet babies' faces on ultrasound at about 17 weeks.

Jani got to see Balboa Hospital, where she was born and see the house we lived in when she was a baby. We then spent the day at Sea World. Like I said, this was a super fun trip and I loved getting the time alone with her (or somewhat alone, as her sister kept texting me from home asking how things were going- ha).
Mike held down the homefront and the kids here had so much fun- you see, when the Mommy's gone, they get a little spoiled from the Daddy. They were all smiles this morning when I finally got out of bed and told me all about their weekend.
For my curly headed kids at home, this trip was especially important. They need to know that when I leave, I will come back. Not only will I come back, but I will come back VERY HAPPY to see them all- the hugs were sweet all the way around.
Finally, it was a thrill to see so many service men and women. In North Dakota, it is rare for us to see someone in uniform, but not in San Diego! We met the nicest men on the airplanes and heard about their deployments to Afghanistan and met a rescue swimmer who is stationed in Japan. For Janika, it was fascinating, to be able to talk with them and hear some of their stories. As a former Navy wife, I really appreciate what these men and women are doing for our country.

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