Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

post that had to be shared

I follow several family's blogs- mostly fellow adoptive families from AWAA. This morning, the Martin Family posted about their experiences in China, picking up their adopted son, Judah. They are there during this Christmas Season, seeing secular Christmas decorations in all of the stores, yet no REAL understanding of why we celebrate Christmas. When Mike worked there 7 years ago, he made many of the same observations, seeing hopelessness all around, people decorating their homes for Christmas, incorporating trees, lights and Santa, and yet not seeing the REAL HOPE that comes with the babe in a manger. I can remember seeing face after face, when we were there, going about their daily lives, and yet no joy to be found. Those that worked with Mike often commented at how joyful we were. It really is Christ in us, not anything we do on our own power. I pray that those here around us will see the hope that the BABE gives this Christmas Season and take that hope to others, in need.

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