Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The love of a friend

Today was a special day for Micah. Today he had the opportunity to Skype with his best friend from Ethiopia, Ashenafi. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashenafi on both of my trips to Ethiopia two years ago. Little did I know, when we brought our kids home that he had been Micah's best friend for quite some time. Oh, how my kids worried about him..Would he ever find a family?

As soon as our kids could speak English and join in our nightly prayers, we would hear, "Please Lord give Ashenafi a family." What an incredible blessing it was to see him smiling and laughing as they talked (and talked and talked and talked).

As we go on with our day to day lives, it is often easy to forget what our kids have endured, or what those left behind are enduring, around the world, every day. Leaving a friend, in an orphanage, where you know there is little hope, is a great burden on a child, of any age. Praise God our kids got to see an answer to their prayers!! Ashenafi, we are so glad to welcome you HOME!!!

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