Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, November 13, 2011

They love the ukelele!!

Just got off the phone with Mike and the kids. They are just starting their day, as I am heading to bed. They had an excellent first day at Trees of Glory carepoint and have some funny stories to share. Unfortunatley, they have no power (welcome to Addis) so I don't have any pictures yet.

Janika and Elli sang "City on our Knees" to the ukelele (I would love to post a video- hope to soon). The song is one of their favorites to sing together- the kids loved it and loved Jani's ukelele- she was laughing as she shared the story of how every child wanted to touch it. She let them hold it one by one and took a picture of each child with it. One of the team members brought a printer, so if they get power, they can print the pictures for the kids to keep- pretty cool. Today, they are going to lead worship at the church they are attending!!! Again, amazing how much joy there is in using the gifts God has given us.

Kael told me the kids are fascinated by watches- one little boy was so fascinated that he had it off of Kael's wrist in about 3 seconds. Today it will stay in the backpack (smile). Micah is doing well being there with his family. I'm sure it's hard, as he was one of these same children a little over a year ago. It's amazing the transformation we've seen in him this past year. I hope the children on this trip feel loved on and a part of their sponsor family's family. Loving on kids is an amazing gift that God gives us.

Dale and Kristi- Mike hung out with Ashene for awhile yesterday. They will be delivering his care package today!! They will definitely love on him for you!

Please continue to lift up the team on this trip. They hope to be the true hands and feet of Jesus...

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  1. Wonderful news about the girls using their singing/playing talents to share Jesus! So thankful your family is over there sharing their huge hearts of love. Thank you to Mike for loving on Ashene for us. Simret shared he had a father that was VERY OLD, so imagine he is alone now. Maria's heart breaks for him. Of course, I'm wringing my hands that the clothes & shoes will fit....
    Thanks for sharing the stories and updates as they arrive from ADDIS!