Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, November 14, 2011

A few funnies from Addis

I'm assuming this is at Trees of Glory, I will have to check with Mike

Janika and her ukelele!!

Elli handing out the care package to Ashene, our good friends' sponsor child. She was able to tell him we know his "family" well.

The kids took 5 songs along to teach the kids. Here they are teaching, THE B-I-B-L-E. I've had the opportunity to see Elli's smile up close as she is holding kids in an orphanage--same look she has in this picture. Pure joy-

Just got off the phone with Mike and the kids. I wanted to share a few funny stories in addition to the pictures:
1. At one of the carepoints, the kids thought Micah was President Obama!!
2. At another place, kids came running up to Kael singing- apparently his long hair made them think that Justin Beiber was in the house and they knew his songs!
3. Many of the kids are initially terrified of Elli and Janika's braces. One child screamed and ran away when Jani smiled. Another child told the interpreter that they hadn't ever seen jewelry on teeth. A third saw them and yelled, "Dentures!!"

On a more serious note, they spent the day touring a carepoint that reaches out to street children and learned a lot about the problem of child trafficking in Ethiopia. Their eyes are open now to a problem that we knew very little about until today. This carepoint helps children reunite with their families, if they have been taken from their homes and trafficked. As Janika described the stories they heard, she was pretty emotional. God is really working on our kids's hearts over there...we are thankful for the exposure they have to the world.

Our team got to meet Antennah, the little buy we have sponsored for the past two years. Kael said he is really "energetic" until he comes around them and then is super shy. Sponsorship means so much to these children. Not only do they get a good meal everyday, they get school clothes, an education and they learn about Jesus. We love that we get the opportunity to personally know our sponsor child and let him know that yes, we do know his name and we pray for him often.

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