Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kind Hearts

The team spent the day at Kind Hearts again today. They handed out care packages to all of the kids there. Elli said there are lots of kids who need sponsors (I'll bet she'll be advocating for them all when she gets back). She was able to give our little Antennah his care package. Afterwards, he found her three more times, yelled her name and gave her a hug each time. She just loves him.

While Elli was handing out care packages, Mike and the kids worked on teaching the kids the songs they prepared. Mike said they had them down in about 15 minutes and then had 35 minutes to kill...

Tomorrow they have their last visit to Kind Hearts which will include a feast. Janika said they will be taking live goats strapped to the top of the van. Once they get to the carepoint, they will kill the goat for the feast.

It's so fun to hear of their adventures. They are all getting a bit tired, so prayers for energy are appreciated!

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