Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leah is 12!!

Our sweet Leah got to celebrate her birthday today. It was a great day, from start to finish. While my curly headed kids worked with Grandma Bert and Clara, J,K and E decorated her cake. Since it was their first foray into fondant, it took awhile but Leah was thrilled with the results- a three tiered cake with all of her favorite colors.

We went out to eat at the local Mexican restaurant (her favorite), where they sang Happy Birthday to her, sombrero and all. She had a look of utter delight on her face while they were singing... I think Mike and I had the same look when we were told that someone in the restaurant paid our family's tab...we were blown away..

Next, we came home to presents. Again, it was so fun to shower her with affection. Our daughter is so well loved in this house. Everyone is crazy about her. Her smile is amazing and ever present..As I look at her smiling and laughing, I think back to all of the emails we received from traveling families last year, who checked in on the kids before they knew we were pursuing their adoption. All of them reported back how sweet, yet sad Leah was. We received tons of pictures from these families and very few of them showed a smile. Now, all she does is smile.

Leah is a gift to us and one that we hope others get to meet. Joy radiates from her. Thank you, Lord for bringing her into our home.

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  1. she's absolutely gorgeous! so excited for you guys! happy birthday leah!!