Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great movie ..

We all sat down last night and watched Change of Plans. Kudos to Wal-mart and Proctor and Gamble for doing a movie that shows the positive side to adoption. Watching the movie as a family was a gift, as it allowed a lot of converstation that we hadn't had before. It was very hard for our kids, who have had parents die, to watch the scenes where Jordan described what a great father she had had and the tears that flowed. I know they felt the stares that were directed at the kids when they went to school for the first day (even though our kids are homeschooled, the first time they went to their sister's basketball game, you could have heard a pin-drop when we all walked into the gym and it certainly felt like every eye in the room was on them).
It was surreal to watch this family exist together, side by side, trying to create a new normal, while God put love for each other in their hearts--we've been there, loving by doing until that day when God melted our hearts for our kids.

We were able to watch the positive outcome of the movie and know that we are living that too. The prayers that followed were heartfelt and filled with "Thank you for my family." These words weren't just spoken by our curly headed kids- they were spoken by all.

The movie is set to show this afternoon too- check time and listings and then is available to purchase at Wal-mart March 22.

~~until they all have a home.....

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