Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been awhile...

My sister reminded me that I haven't posted in awhile so here's a brief update on what has been happening at the Sweeney house the past 2 weeks.

1. The Jaegers visited. Their daughter, Mieheret, is from the same village as Gavin. She took the same journey, from Benchi Maji, to Addis Ababa, to America World's Transition Home, to the United States. We were in the same travel group, so it was fun to see the kids together again.

2. Gavin loves his glasses!!! He is experiencing all kinds of "firsts" and loves to wear them. He is much more outgoing and adventurous, now that he can see.

3. We have been seeing alot of Dr. Bowers lately. We're having all of the kids' physicals done before we move. Yesterday, she confirmed again, that the result from Kael's stent placement in Boston 2.5 years ago is fantastic!!! She said his heart sounds "normal," no murmur, no SWOOSHING that he always had. He's grown so much, catching up the last 3 years, that she thinks he may reach 6 feet in height!!!I can't hear that news enough. Praise the Lord for his healing touch and the doctors he used in the process!

4. Last, but CERTAINLY not least-- Layne asked Jesus into her heart two nights ago!!! I had to leave for an appointment, so Kael did some of the little one's school with them. He read several stories in the Bible to both Layne and Gavin. After he read the stories, he talked to them about living in God's big house with Him, when they died. He then explained how they get to do that. Layne called me and asked me to pray with her when I got home. What a joyous day! One of my kids helped lead another one to an eternity with our FATHER. 9/08/09 will be remembered in our home as the day Layne became a permanent member of God's family.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! That is so AWESOME about Layne and Kael!!

    Congratulations! I will tell Mallory. She wil be so excited ...