Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another good report

We made the trip to Billings today to see our favorite cardiologist, Dr. Wiggins. We have been seeing him since Kael was about 3 or 4. Today, though, the visit was for Gavin, as Dr. Bowers found a heart murmur two weeks ago. When we put in our request for a child from ET, we actually requested a child with a cardiac issue--believe me, it wasn't an easy choice to ask for, knowing how much is involved in cardiac care, but it was the right choice. When we received Gavin's healthy referral, we wondered a little. Then, came the discovery of the heart murmur and we thought, "Okay, Lord, this is definitely You!"

Praise Him, the report today was that Gavin has an innocent heart murmur and won't need any follow-up. As my sister, Brenda, said today, "You were well equipped to deal with this, but thankfully, for Gavin, you don't have to." We are relieved and thankful. Now, let's see how those flu shots go tomorrow....

Oh! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. When I told Gavin, he said, "I'm no playing soccer in snow. I can't play in those boots." I almost fell over and then smiled a little. It'll be another "first." We'll see how many layers we can put on him to play in the wonderful Wyoming fall weather.

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