Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two years home with Gavin

This week marks the two year anniversary of Gavin being HOME. It seems like yesterday when we were at the Transition Home and this adorable, skinny, terrified little boy was brought out to us. Gavin really had no idea what was going on, as he didn't speak the same language as the staff in Addis. He just knew that we showed up, covered him with kisses, played with him and gave him things. (His eyesight was so poor, he didn't recognize us from the pictures we had sent). However, as soon as his DADDY put him on his shoulders and ran around with him, Gavin's smile he is rarely without a smile.

Gavin, I am SO PROUD to be your Mommy. You teach us all so much everyday- like tackling each new task with a smile and a "can do" attitude and always seeing the best in people. My son does not judge people and makes friends with everyone he meets. He doesn't understand the injustices of the world, but hopes one day to play a big part in making some of them right. My boy is STRONG, athletic, FUNNY, smart, a snuggler-- an enormous blessing to all of us. He loves Jesus and hopes to take Jesus' love beyond our small town.

Through Gavin, our hearts and lives have expanded. We now consider his Ethiopian friends' family our family. Because of our love for him, we pursued our next four children. And through him, we get to view the world through the type of lens that Jesus intended..loving other people without any prejudices. Thank you, Gavin for being such a neat boy! We all love you very much!! Thank you God for bringing this precious boy to us!

I will try to post pictures next week- we still haven't transferred any over from the other computer, but I'd love to share my boy's sweet smile with everyone.

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  1. we love you Gavin!!!!!! we cannot wait to see you again & all of your family!!