Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day and Happy Anniversary!

Father's Day weekend is so fun at our home. Not only did the kids get to dote on their Daddy, but we got to celebrate our 17th anniversary this weekend!! I am so blessed to call Mike my husband and Daddy to our kids. I know without a doubt that he was meant to be a Daddy to many. Here are a few highlights to our past week:

1. Mike and I got to escape for an early anniversary trip to Regina, Canada last weekend- we had a blast, eating out, sleeping in, ordering room service, going for long walks and taking in a Patsy Cline Theater production. I can't remember a better weekend in all our years together.

2. We bought an RV- an older one with the bunk over the driver's seats- but an RV none the less. And YES- all of the kids fit into it and can sleep into it. We are all looking forward to our big summer trip now. We tested it out by driving it to Minot yesterday and the kids have all slept in it now at least one night. So- all you Nashville friends, we are now ready to see you next month!!!

3. I got to watch my husband mentor Kael and Micah in some home remodeling. He is an amazing, patient teacher when it comes to learning about tools- My boys had such a fun time tearing down walls and working hard side by side with him.

4. I watched, again, in awe, as my husband spent time with each one of his daughters- they are all Daddy's girls (which I am thankful for). I love seeing their faces light up when he tells them how beautiful they are. He is setting the bar high for any young suitors!

5. The kids made a huge breakfast this morning for Mike, as we were out on a walk. He came home to 11 handmade cards, pancakes, bacon and all the fixings-LB even found some fun stars to put up in the living room, she was SO excited to show her Daddy how much she loved him. Breakfast was followed by an awesome family worship time...what a great day!

6. We realized that in less than 2 weeks we will have 4 13 year olds in the house. While some have warned us about the teenage years, we are so excited to watch our kids grow. Even when there are bumps in the road, we wouldn't trade being their parents for any other experience. We are blessed.

For those of you praying specifically for our family, thank you. I heard on KLOVE the other day, that bringing in adopted children is no different than going into the mission field. Most churches support missionaries but few churches come alongside adoptive families. We are blessed to have many Christians in Williston who do come alongside us and an incredible YG aunties group that we can take prayer requests to. While we don't always post prayer requests here, know that any prayers for our family are appreciated. We still have bumps in the road but know God's grace is sufficient in all circumstances. Would we choose these children again? ABSOLUTELY!!!

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