Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prayers needed for Ethiopia

I've been on several blogs this weekend that talk about the Ethiopian government reducing adoptions by 90%. My first reaction was WHAT?!!! I'm still kind of in that frame of mind, but know too that this is a call to action. It is a call for Christians to help with ORPHAN CARE, even if adoptions cease (which I PRAY is never the case). Orphan care can look so very different for different people: It might mean taking a missions trip to carry shoes to orphaned children. It could mean sponsoring a child (or 20) so they get the nourishment and schooling they need. Orphan care could be investing in water projects to provide clean water to communities, thus allowing children to not lose parents to water borne diseases that could have been prevented. We could invest in mosquito netting and good malarial drugs (this may have prevented 4 of my children from becoming orphaned).

The truth is, we can all do something and we MUST. I wish everyone could see what we've seen and know what we know, but that's why our family continues to write this blog and tell others- WE MUST ADVOCATE for the orphan.

Is Ethiopia the only country with this problem- no! If you speak Spanish and love kids- there are plenty of Spanish speaking orphans who need people to come to them, serve them and love on them.

Finally, we understand that in adoptions, coruption exists. I personally believe that corruption would be less rampant if more people would really examine their hearts and seek God's will for their adoptions. Would less corruption exist if more older kids were adopted? Would putting an emphasis on the older orphan limit the number of infants placed into the system who could have been parented by their parent of birth? Most of the older children that we know have been waiting for a long time, sometimes years. Sure, there is a little extra baggage, but most of these children are truly orphans, in desperate need for a home.


  1. Well said!!
    Praying for the "first" Ethiopian birth families that have lost their children due to the greed of others in a broken system. Praying for the thousands of true orphans that desperately need families. Has the demand for toddlers/babies driven the demand for seeking out children from poor, rural ET families? Have the 5,000,000 orphans in ET grown into older children and teens by now?

  2. I hope that more family's will bring home older children, They sure are a blessing!