Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 month post-placement visit

Today was our 3 month post placement visit...I honestly can't believe the kids have been home for 3 months!! As I watched them interact with our fantastic SW, I was in awe in how well they could articulate their likes/dislikes to her. Was it just two months ago that they could barely speak English? Now, they understand almost everything that is said to them/asked of them and respond appropriately...I know if I were thrown into a new culture with a new language it would take much longer than 3 months to get to where they are. We are feeling more and more like a family everyday..Honestly, we expected this feeling to take a long time, possibly years to reach, but God has woven this family together much sooner than we expected.

All 4 kids have grown almost 2 inches since their May report and have gained at least 6 pounds each...Good nutrition matters, so does the love of a family. Our SW had shared a statistic with me earlier that for every 3 months a child spends in an institutional setting, they lose about 1 months linear growth. Couple this with malnutrition and our kids have a lot of growing to make up for!

On a completely different note- I am reading the book, "Radical" by Dave Platt. This is honestly a must read for all believers. I'll try to write more about it later, but am excited for my family as Mike and I try to live out the ideas in the book.

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  1. Hi I don't know ya'll personally, but I think found your blog through AWAA families blog list! We just switched to the AWAA Ethiopia program (from Rwanda)....and I couldn't believe ya'll lived in ND!! We moved to CO from Minot 2 years ago! Anyway, I noticed ya'll had come to the Childrens Hospital here in CO and I wanted to offer our home anytime you'd need to come again! I'd love to chat:) Hope you have a great night! laura (