Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good news and a good day!

Yesterday, I posted that we were having a few struggles with one of our children. Due to the wisdom of my husband and the prayers of many faithful friends, today is definitely better and we're back to smiles all the way around. Also- big shout of thanks to the Sauros for the gifts- you made everyone's day and they yelled "Thank you." to your pictures. I heard ALL of my boys laughing and playing together for hours today.

Good news: We ran some more tests on Leah today and it looks like she won't need surgery- Praise God! She has an acute thyroiditis that is treatable with antibiotics. Her pain should go away soon--so thankful, as she is such a sweet young lady and I hate to see her in pain.

Tomorrow we have first cross-country races for my 4 biggest kids (I can't wait to watch them run) and then Williston has the annual Chokecherry Festival. The timing of this festival is so interesting- as the last active thing I did with my Mom, before she died was pick chokecherries (I still have the three bags frozen in my freezer-can't get myself to make jelly out of them) and she passed away 6 years ago on Monday. She was such a gift to all of us and I'll be smiling as Williston celebrates that tart little berry...

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