Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have tickets!!

I purchased our tickets this morning, so it's official, we are leaving Monday!! Hopefully, by this time next week, I will have cleared the Embassy and be sitting down to a nice dinner with Elli, Bert, Gabe, Hallie, Micah and Leah.

I've had several people offer financial assistance with our trip and I am thankful for that. We have a paypal account set up which can be accessed on the left hand side of the blog here.

We would love as many prayer warriors holding us up over the next week as possible. We still have quite a few details to get done around the house, homeschool supplies to order, van to purchase, puppy to potty train (yes, we have the most adorable puppy, Dixie- intentionally purchased as a warm, loving lap dog for all of my kids), and rooms to rearrange. Mike's parents will be here on Sunday to stay the week that I am gone (WHEW).

Specific Prayer Requests:
1. For Layne's heart- as she is a Mommy's girl through and through- that she will feel well loved when I am away (thank you Grandma Sweeney, Janika and DIXIE).
2. For Gavin's heart- that he wouldn't be fearful of me flying.
3. For good health for Elli as she travels with me to help the kids and I get to know each other.
4. For Kael and Janika as they help hold down the fort here and help nurture Layne and Gavin.
5. For Mike as he continues to burn the midnight oil with our business, in preparation for helping me homeschool this year. He is such an amazing man- I am truly blessed.
6. For Micah, Leah, Gabe and Hallie as they prepare to leave their familiar setting and join us here. Please especially pray for them as they leave the nannies that they've grown to love over the past two years.
7. That we would pass our Embassy appointment next Weds.
8. Finally, that our transition time will be as smooth as possible, once we're home.

We are so thankful for the children God has blessed us with. Our God is an awesome God!!

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  1. Praying for you all. Can't wait for pictures of your whole family all together when you get home!!