Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Positively adopted

Several adoptive families have started a new blog about living life with an HIV positive child. You can go to to learn more about life with an HIV + child.

To be honest, when starting Gavin's adoption, we had the option of checking the box that said we would accept a child with HIV. At that time, we didn't feel that that was something we were equipped to deal with--oh, how much I've learned in the meantime. I hope this blog will be an inspiration to other parents. I hope it will encourage more families to adopt a child with HIV. These children have an almost normal life in the US. In other countries, however, they will die from AIDS.

So, read, learn and pray for these families as they are truly taking a leap of faith and choosing to love a child who is sick by no fault of their own.

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