Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Closer

Mike and I met with our SW today to finish up our homestudy interviews!! She really is fantastic, and a wealth of knowledge on all things adoption related. I'm so thankful to have her as our SW. She really is a breath of fresh air in this entire process.

NOW- we need to give her some time to write up our homestudy. It will then be approved by our agency, sent to USCIS (the Dept. of Homeland Security) and we wait for about a month to get our clearance back. Once that's done, we can send in the dossier. I have almost everything ready and can't wait to be able to officially put the kids' file under review.

We appreciate your continued prayers for the process, that there won't be any speed bumps along the way.

On to other news- Mike's new business, Summit Energy Services, is off to a wonderful start. We are thankful for all of the men who chose to stand by him, when the former company ceased operations here. The Summit Energy Team, is exactly that, a team and it's fun to watch it grow and develop. We continue to be amazed at the provisions God is allowing our family.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your interviews! We are praying for your adoption. It is so cool that God has prepared you for this cool little family to join yours.