Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, March 15, 2010


This next week, we will be able to reunite Gavin with some of his friends from his village in Ethiopia. We are CRAZY excited for this trip to happen, as these boys all shared the same journey and haven't seen each other, except for SKYPE, since they all came home to their forever families. He has been looking forward to this trip since it was planned. Thank you Bancroft Family for putting this together for all of these neat kids.

Now on the new adoption front-We meet with Gavin's adoption attorney today to go over the paperwork to finalize his adoption. We should be able to finalize at the end of the month...then, we will start our homestudy visits and hope to complete our homestudy quickly. I have collected almost all of our dossier paperwork, so that will be ready to go, when we have the homestudy completed.

We are requesting a sibling group of 4 children. We are praying that our homestudy will approve us for them, since we KNOW them and already feel like they are a part of the family. We have such peace about this decision and are excited to move forward. We look forward to the day when our agency can tell these children, "YOU HAVE A FAMILY. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!! THEY KNOW YOU BY NAME AND PRAY FOR YOU ALL THE TIME." and then to see their faces on that first trip to Ethiopia...

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  1. Have a fantastic reunion with all the Benchi kids!! Thanks for the call the other day! I'm feeling better! Your kids in Ethiopia are so SPECIAL...your family will be so blessed by them! I admire your family for having the courage to go forth and care for these 4 orphans.