Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopping with a purpose this Christmas

I have to admit, I copied this idea from another family's blog, the Weimer Family. It is such a good idea, that I wanted to post it here too.

This Christmas, as you're buying gifts for people, pray about buying items from families who are in the process of or completing their adoptions. Adoption is, quite honestly, VERY expensive. Unfortunately, it is the expense of it, that keeps people from even considering bringing a child into their homes. As an adoptive parent, I want to see more kids placed in loving homes. What an incredible Christmas gift that would be- helping children find forever homes.

The following families and links are provided below. I'm sorry we're not computer savvy enough to take you right to the link--any help here is appreciated. So, just copy the web addresses into your brower and go. Read their blogs, see their hearts and help them bring their children home!! You can purchase GREAT fair trade coffee here to help with adoption related expenses. You can purchase COOL t-shirts here to help this family on their second Ethiopian adoption The Taylor family is selling t-shirts and coffee to help finance their SECOND Ethiopian adoption (they brought home their first two children a year ago. I have a link on the right here, so you can go to this website for the cutest little girl dresses (Layne would love one, hint hint) All of the proceeds from Sallee's sales go to finance their THIRD Ethiopian adoption. This family is selling custom photo Christmas cards to finance their adoption.

Ethiopian coffee is incredible (Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee). The following families are selling coffee to help fundraise their adoptions. This sure beats the big corporations getting the profits from a daily mocha!!

This family is on their second adoption adn are selling fair trade Bolga Baskets from a co-op in Ghana.

This family is selling $5 Christmas ornaments:

This family is financing their second adoption with cool magnets:

If you're a fan of Pampered Chef, this family will benefit from you buying the products from them. Their is a link on their blog:

Another neat t-shirt option:

As for us: We are saving for our re-adoption expenses right now. If you want to purchase any Shaklee products from our on-line store, this money will go towards those expenses and for the girls and I to go back to Ethiopia on mission trips:

Finally, I put a link to Amazima Ministries to the right. PLEASE click on it, read what this ministry is doing and be a part of it--Truly Amazing, a 21-year-old, feeding several hundred children each weekend, in Uganda, doing what God has called her to do..

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