Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Layne and Zipper

It's been a tough few days around here for Layne (and for all of us). We discovered she had pneumonia yesterday, after listening to her cough worsen throughout Sunday afternoon. We caught it super early, so we're hoping it doesn't progress. She really hasn't been the same since she had Swine flu about a month ago.

Every night, Zipper jumps on Layne's bed, ready to sleep together. Every night, Layne tells us how much she loves having a snuggle dog.

Mike and I have been putting off putting Zipper down for just this reason. Our kids (okay, so include me in that too) love Zipper and our other dogs. So, today, when we had no choice but to visit the vet for that purpose, it was so tough...The big kids understand how badly he has been hurting- he had a bad disc, which caused his legs to go out from under him regularly, in this house of many stairs and chronic ear infections. To Layne and Gavin, it's very hard to understand...Layne took it HARD, which then caused her to cough all the more.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be brighter.

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