Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Benchi song and thoughts on heaven

Gavin finally sang us a song in Benchi last night. He said they sang it while they played, but doesn't remember what it means. He told me it's very hard to remember Benchi words when he talks with us all the time in English...We capture as much on video as possible for him to see when he's older.

Last night, we continued our conversations on being scared at night. We told Gavin he could pray to God if he was scared and God would hear him. This is a pretty big concept to him, thinking God can hear him and at the same time hear his relatives in Ethiopia. It then led to a discussion on heaven that went a bit like this: Mommy: "In heaven, there's no tears or owies."
Gavin: "Is there food?"
Mommy: "Yes, lots of food!"
Gavin: "People happy?
Mommy: "Yes, very happy."
Gavin: "Then, no cleaning in heaven."

Apparently, my son is tired of packing and cleaning and is also VERY FUNNY!!

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  1. How precious! I'm with Gavin - yeah, no cleaning in Heaven!