Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great message this morning...

Cody Haar, our assistant Pastor, gave a great message this morning, about what it means to be born again. He challenged us, at the end to "Go be the Church."

One statistic he quoted was white Evangelical Christians would have more difficulty having a black family move in next door than non-Christians. I'm sure many people thought this was an exaggeration. It's so easy, in Wyoming (when, let's be honest, we are almost ALL WHITE), to think that this couldn't happen. Our experiences, though, and those of our adoptive friends, proves otherwise. We are currently praying for a couple of families who have been met with extreme opposition (from their closest family members) to their desire to adopt a child from Ethiopia. WHY? Because of the color of that child's skin. Unfortunately, we have also had to walk away from relationships because of this same type of response, praying for that family member, but also not allowing them around our beautiful children.

I don't understand how people can think that God only loves the color of our particular skin. Today, I'm praying for families to unite behind the COMMANDMENT to take care of widows and orphans, no matter what that child may look like. This commandment is not burdensome (thanks Cody for those words), but a true joy to live.

On another note- I appreciate your prayers for my health. Things are better today and I will see our local infectious disease MD tomorrow. She seems so nice on the phone and I look forward to hearing her ideas to keep this at bay. Another big public thank you to Dr. Bowers for her care, even though this patient is much older than her others. I'm sure she saved me a trip to the hospital this weekend. Dr. Hunter, also, was a tremendous asset yesterday morning, when I was just wanting to enjoy the weekend with my family --He took time out of his Saturday to initiate my referral to Dr. Addler and bring her up to speed on my history. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

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