Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st day of school and other big news

Today was the first day of homeschool this year. I was met by very excited Layne and Gavin, as they both said, "School today?" Layne's been looking forward to "real" school for the past year. Gavin loved the songs associated with our phonics lesson, wanting to sing them over and over. It was a very good start to our year.

The big kids also started, a little less excitedly, but I did hear my favorite schooling words, "Please, Mom, one more chapter!!" I love homeschooling!

Gavin needs glasses. For the past few weeks, when we pointed to something in the distance, he would say, "I no see." I thought we were dealing with a language barrier, each time, but then at Dr. Bileyu's today, she confirmed my boy is VERY near sighted and probably can't see much if it's more than a foot in front of his face. It's been so fun the past two months, to see him experience new things. I bet we'll get to see a lot more "firsts" when he can actually see things (leaves on trees, birds, animals in the distance). His vision also explains why he gets so scared and cries after church. I don't think he can differentiate all of the faces. His new glasses will be here next week...

Our offer on a house in Williston, ND was accepted today!!! I guess this is my formal announcement that we are moving. Mike started there today and we hope to join him by Oct. 1, if the house deal moves ahead. We are so excited. Mike will be the Regional Manager for Enercrest and should be HOME EVERY NIGHT!!! After 6 months of having him only home on the weekends, I can't wait to live together again.

Finally- a huge PRAISE and thanks to Pastor Tony. He felt called to ask for those of us who needed healing to stand yesterday in church. I have no idea how many people laid hands on me during that prayer time, but today I woke up feeling better than I have since before we went to Ethiopia! I'm officially off my meds (for 2 days) and so far so good. We will definitely miss our Cornerstone Family, in Williston- what an amazing Body to be a part of these past 4 years.

I think that's about it- it was a very full day and full of so much joy! God is good!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!

We are rejoicing today with yet another family who passed court and will travel to bring their son home. Congratulations Phillips!

Today Gavin is playing with our dear friends, Timmy and Sylvia Brown. He met them last night and is having the time of his life running through the sprinklers with them. We love the Browns and have missed them terribly when the were in Alaska all summer-- so nice to have you all home and see how warmly your kiddos embrace Gavin!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How adoption has blessed us TWICE!

This video gives you a glimpse of why we love adoption. First, without us knowing it, God put plans in place for us to become foster parents. 5 days after certification, we brought Layne home and our lives were forever changed. Loving her so much gave us a tiny glimpse into our Father's heart. Fast forward 3 years-- I begin to hear God's gentle prodding to bring home another child. When we started the process, I thought we would be bringing home another baby. God changed our hearts and we are forever grateful to welcome home Gavin, an orphan no longer.

My heart is so full, with love for all of my kids. I would be lying if I said the road to Ethiopia was completely easy. Compared to what other families have had to endure to bring home a child, though, our ride was smooth. However, it was a complete leap of faith that brought us to the point we are at today. (5 great KIDS!!)
Our new friends, Billy and Cindy Foote recorded the original version (Billy wrote it) of the song used on the video and to me completely sums up the heart of adoption. It is a surrendering to God's will and his commandment to take care of the widow and orphan.
"If I say I love You, I will do as you say. I will Obey you, and surrender all." Surrendering to His will is not always easy, but is always worth it!

Obviously, the Mama is going to brag a little here...the lead vocal on this version is my Elli, with Janika playing the guitar and singing back-up. Thank you Billy and Cindy for being on this journey with us and loving orphans like you do. Thank you for the amazing music you write that helps us worship our Lord and thank you for sharing the chords with Janika so she could learn to play the song!! You are a gift to us.

If anyone wants to hear more great Foote music go to You can purchase any of their CDs there and hear them sing "If I say I love you." It's on the CD, All the World to Me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coffee Factory In Ethiopia

It's taken us awhile, but we finally got the Coffee Factory pictures up for all of you to see. Now that the girls know how to put these videos together, we'll let you all see a glimpse of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the birthplace to coffee and our field trip to the coffee factory was one of our best trips all week. It was fascinating to see all of the women sorting coffee beans, and watch the roaster roast the beans. You can almost smell the beans through the pictures!