Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, December 12, 2011

And to think we could have said, "No" to this!

This morning, as we were getting ready for church (notice the big sisters in the bathroom-sorry girls), it hit me...We could have said, "No, " when we were asked 6.5 years ago to be our LB's foster family. We could have said, "No," when she came up for adoption. Instead, we said, "Yes," and get to see this sweet face every day.

We have had the opportunity, again and again to say "NO". We've had people encourage us to say, "NO" but each time we've prayed about a decision and said, "Yes!" God has blessed our socks off. The very first thing we were told, after we found out we were expecting triplets was, "You can reduce this pregnancy. It may be really hard on you." Instead, and thankfully, my husband answered immediately, "These are our babies." When we felt God nudging us to adopt Gavin and said "Yes" God brought the coolest little boy into our home. He thanks God every night for "my wonderful family." He radiates.

When we felt God nudging us to adopt again, many people advised us to say "NO". I'm so thankful that we said "Yes."
At the same time, God put the idea of Summit on Mike's mind. It would have been much easier to say "NO" and continue to work for someone else, yet we now have over 160 employees- so very thankful again that we said, "Yes."

Today in church, our pastor said, "If you were the only person on earth, Christ would have died just for you!" He had the opportunity to say, "NO!!" but he said a resounding, "Yes."

I wonder what God is asking you to do today.

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