Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our team

This is our team heading to Ethiopia in 15 days! Actually, Leah isn't going, but this is such a great picture of her and we have such great news about her that I wanted to put this one in.

We went to church on Sunday, for a friend's baptism. The Pastor, a friend of our's then opened it up to anyone who hasn't been baptized and Leah walked up to the front of the church. Pastor Bob then asked Mike to come forward and he got to baptize his daughter- it was so beautiful-- Leah really loves Jesus! She has a heart for children and really struggles knowing that there are millions of children out there living the life she had just a year ago. I wouldn't be surprised if my girl became a missionary, working with and loving on kids and telling them about this wonderful Jesus who loves them.

Our ET mission team will have 10 days of loving on kids and meeting the needs of those around them. They are excited to go and we covet your prayers for them on this trip. Specifically, please pray for Micah, as he returns to Ethiopia. We expect the sights, sounds, smells to be a bit overwhelming to him but we know God can use him mightily in his native land. We would also appreciate prayers for health. They will be traveling outside of Addis, where malaria is present and will be taking antibiotics to ward off malaria. This is a reality, as our children's birth mother died from malaria.

I"m hoping to post regularly while they are gone.


  1. very, very excited about y'alls trip!! so so excited about leah's baptism!!

  2. Yeah Team Sweeney!! We can't wait to hear about your trip!! Thank you sooo much for taking Ashene's care package to him.
    Wonderful news about Leah!

  3. Jay and Brenda LarsenOctober 30, 2011 at 6:47 AM

    Congratulations, Leah on your baptism! You are a beautiful young lady and I know that God loves you so very much! We will be praying for your family as they love on kids in Ethiopia.