Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick update

I realized this weekend that I had posted a couple of times about one of my children dealing with attachment disorder without any updates on this child's status. I am thrilled to say, that even though we have a ways to go, this child is doing amazingly well and many of our toughest issues have been ironed out. This child is more confident, reaching out to others in appropriate ways and working on our relationship every day.

We had a great weekend with our last official track meet for the biggest 4 kids. It was super fun to hear the announcer say, "Sweeney" over and over again. I bet he was a little confused with so many Sweeneys in the 7th grade of the kids ran faster times than earlier in the season so it was definitely a positive end to a long long season(all but 3 track meets got cancelled because of the weather, so the kids trained from the end of February until this weekend with only 3 official races...that makes for a long season). Gavin is pretty sure he wants to try pole vaulting when he's bigger, after watching our neighbor take first at the meet.

Should be a busy, fun week as we work to wind up school and rearrange the house for a cousin who is coming to live with us for the summer and work for Mike.

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