Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Thursday, September 2, 2010

working on a video

I know people are wanting pictures and more pictures. It seems like when we have time to get them posted, something else comes up. Elli is working on a video, that we should be able to post in the next day or two...

Everything continues to go well here. We are into a routine with school, with one more tutor coming on board next week, to help the bigger kids catch up to their peers a little more. I am so impressed with their desire to learn and their willingness to try things....However, I must order different math curriculum next week, since the one I ordered (and love) has WAY TOO MUCH ENGLISH in it.

We still covet prayer support, as we negotiate this road with all of our kids. We have fewer and fewer speed bumps and more and more laughter each day. We also celebrate firsts every day which is fun. 3 out of the 4 can ride a bike now. They are all getting much stronger physically, both with strength and endurance. Finally, none of the kids have CAVITIES!! That is a huge praise since they haven't ever seen a dentist before yesterday. The new dentist we went to was fantastic- great with the kids and with me explaining what he saw. From the looks of Hallie's back teeth, she had lots of fevers when she was an infant. I can't imagine how scary that must have been for her parents, knowing that many babies die from fever in Ethiopia.

We are half way through the cross country season and LOVING our kids' introduction to junior high sports. The coaches are positive, push the kids hard and know how to have fun at the same time--I am thrilled. Tomorrow we travel to Minot for a meet.

On another note, our good friends, the Webers, are close to sending their dossier in for their second trip to ET. Their son is from the same village as Gavin and we met them last March. We'll be praying for you Weber Family! Thanks for continuing to bring hope to more children!!!

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  1. SO GLAD to hear that adjustments are going well! Can't wait to see the video! Don't worry when you get the video and/or pics done.....your priority is your family. As it should be! Enjoy them! ;o)