Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The picture above

I absolutely LOVE how Alissa Ferullo ( captured our kids in the picture at the top of the blog. It shows several really neat things:

1. My kids love to laugh and love to laugh together.

2. Look at their feet!! That just makes me smile...Gavin always points out how they are all the same on the bottom.

3. These kids are all OUR kids. They may look different or come from different wombs, but thankfully, they are all still OUR kids. It may take a few months to feel like a real family after adoption, but by the Grace of God, we DO!! We are a family and love each other immensely.

4. If you only knew some of the heartache Gavin has suffered in his life- this picture is amazing. He is truly as happy as this picture shows everyday. God redeemed him by orchestrating his addition into our family. His smile is infectious and he doesn't care who he spreads it to!

5. Finally, it shows how we all feel about adoption-- WE LOVE IT!! We can't wait to grow our family again and use Alissa to capture the fun family moments. Thank you so much Alissa. We smile everyday at the wonderful pictures you have blessed us with!!


  1. That picture makes me smile SO BIG.

    We love you guys!!

  2. Thank you Stacy!! I cannot wait to once again capture your growing family!