Visiting Lalibela

Visiting Lalibela

Friday, January 1, 2010

WOW!! Happy New Year!!

I can't believe it's already New Year's Eve. My husband made my day by saying, he'd rather spend New Year's Eve with his wife and kids than at some big party. I have to say I'd agree. This move has been a little tough, we're missing friends and smiling faces whereever we would go in Sheridan, but have grown, as a family, because of it. We've spent ALOT of family time the past 3.5 months and honestly love being with each other. I think it's been the perfect thing to mold our family into the family God wants us to be. Janika said the other day, "Mom, this move has really deepened my faith because I don't have all of the busy-ness of my life in Sheridan anymore. I have more time to really talk to God." WOW--

Speaking of Janika. She melted my heart yesterday. Most of you know that after I got back from Ethiopia, I was pretty sick all summer. We've finally nailed down the culprit and I can't eat anything with wheat in it or WHAMMO, sick again. Last night, my daughter wanted to make homemade pizza and then made me my own wheat free pizza!! I haven't had pizza since August and it tasted so great!! Thanks, Jani- you truly are a gift to me...

Elli's life also changed in Ethiopia. She KNOWS she is meant to work in an orphanage when she's older and thinks about orphans ALL OF THE TIME. She had a $30 gift card to Wal-mart (thank you EnerCrest) and has been saving it. The day after Christmas, we all went there and she got busy--not buying anything for herself, but enough to almost fill a rubbermaid tub with kids' clothes that were on clearance...Now I just need to find a family to take them to Ethiopia with them when they travel..any takers out there? Also, for Christmas, she didn't want anything for herself. She asked, and received (thanks Sauros) money for her mission fund. She's got 1/4 of a plane ticket saved already--Again WOW, this Mommy learns so much from her kids' example.

The past two days have been COLD- actually it's been cold for awhile and looks to be for sometime-- ND truly is an ICEBOX. Yesterday, Kael and Gavin bundled up and went outside for over an hour and had the time of their lives. Kael constantly thanks me for bringing home Gavin (thanks to God!!). Today, Gavin couldn't wait for a repeat performance..following Kael around WAITING on his big brother to play with him. Mike, in his wisdom, reminded Kael how neat it was that this little boy wants to be with him all the time.. ANOTHER WOW MOMENT..What a blessing both of my boys are, to each other and to all of us.

This past week, Gavin has been able to skype with three well loved friends from Benchi Maji. Their families feel like family to us..another WOW from God. What a gift..being united with families that we have never met, because we serve the same BIG GOD and have followed his mandate to care for orphans in their distress.

Finally, I have to say that I hear my kids (Elli, Janika, Kael and Layne)saying over and over "Mom, we have room for more." I know some naysayers about adoption say that it can detrimentally affect your biological kids. They are wrong! Adoption increases your children's ability to love others and see others as more important than themselves. I couldn't imagine my life without Layne and Gavin.. WOW, thanks, God for bringing these amazing kids into my life and definitely into my heart.

As I'm typing this, I can hear yells and laughs as the rest of my family plays Twister upstairs..what a wonderful sound..

We pray you all have a Happy New Year!!!


  1. beautiful post! beautiful family!! love these kids... what a blessings!! tell elli we'll take the clothes and anything else she wants us to take when we travel to get our daughter!! thankful for you & your family!! sorry we missed you today on skype... we'll be around tomorrow & this weekend!!!

  2. What a great group of kids with great big hearts!!!! We'll be happy to take anything too! What a blessing your family has been to us!